Assessment Centre

Morgan Stanley

Hi All,

I have an assessment centre for Morgan Stanley, sales and trading in London next week.

As part of the centre we have been given,in advance, a number of questions to prepare for the group roleplay.

Unfortunately I just cannot think of enough responses to the two questions below.

Any help would be mucccccccch appreciated!!!

Thanks Crew

  1. A salesman, Robert Schmidt has recently moved to a new product line. During his first week in this role he succeeded in winning a large order of 250 items. However, unfortunately he misquoted the price to the Customer at the initial stage and the deal has been drawn up at this price. Robert is very regretful of his genuine error; especially if this means he loses his commission. If the order goes ahead at this price it will cost the organisation a small loss but there would be the high possibility of future business. What would you suggest be done?

  2. Jane Ward has meteorically risen through the ranks of the firm and now heads up the accounts division, she is well liked and respected by both colleagues and management. Recently there has been a marked change in Jane’s appearance and demeanour, she was observed shouting at two of her staff members, reducing one of them to tears. Jane has now been signed off sick for 3 weeks; in her absence Andrew Kaplan has temporarily taken over her role. It is well known that Andrew and Jane do not always agree on how the division should be managed. Within the first week Andrew discovers that there is a number of accounting anomalies for which Jane has been solely responsible. On further investigation the system reflects that Andrew has authorised a few of the ‘transactions.’
    How should this situation be handled?



I am a bit late here to answer your questions, sorry about that.
I was just wondering if someone who has applied for Sales and Trading London 2013 Grad scheme could let me know if they have started interviewing already… Has been a while I have applied and still no response.