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Hi Forum

I have just received an invitation for an interview for PwC graudate assurance. Very happy about this because I didn’t think that the online reasoning went that well.

I am now preparing for the interview next month. To be honest, I am not really that worried about it. I can’t help but look forward to the assessment centre and the reasoning tests. I struggled with the online numerical one especially, and I am hoping to prepare myself as best I can. I hear the the AC tests are extremely difficult! I have been on the SHL website countless times, and need some alternative resources. Can anyone help?

Thanks very much!!


For the numerical tests, you can try the one on this website for starters, and there are 3 more available [ here], which I found quite useful.


Thanks so much ladygray. I have already used this site. I found these examples much easier than the online reasoning for PwC, and expect the AC to be a league above this.

Any more resources would be very much appreciated.

Have a good weekend!


People say that the AC tests are more difficult, but I found them almost identical in content to the intial online tests. The only tricky thing was each question had its own graph/info, so it made the time pressure slightly more intense.

Honestly though, if you found the online tests ok you should be fine.


Personally, those were the only ones I did, I just ran through them again each time before I did the tests for another company to get my mind in the right mode. I’d agree with the above post, I didn’t find them any more difficult than the online ones, just that in a formal setting you’re also likely to be a little more tense.


Good posts guys. Thanks very much - I feel a bit better about it now!

Any other tips / expereience sharing re the AC would be much appreciated.



hey cowboy, how long did it take them to come back to you after your 1st interview? by phone or email?


Hi London Bloke

Sorry for confusion - I haven’t had the interview yet! A little presumptious of me to be thinking about the assessment centre I know, but I just want to fully prepare myself for the AC as soon as possible.

To be honest, I am not that apprenhensive about the interview… I take it you have already had yours…? How did it go? Any silly questions or did they stick to competancy-based?