Assessment Centre Womens' attire - Ladies post pls!


Silly question, but first impressions count right… so at an ac is in very necessary for me to wear a suit with a shirt or will a smart top inside do ? Not to keen on shirts … Let me know your opinions


How about a shirt with a v-neck jumper on top. Only if it is cold outside…

I also dont like wearing shirts (top button usually comes undone). So wearing a smart jumper usually solves the problem.


A smart top should be fine. I wore a black chiffon material top with a ruffle front (nothing too fancy!), under my grey suit to my AC. I hate buttons too! The two female graduates running the day wore similar, also the other girl there was not wearing a shirt under her suit but a smart top also. Smart jumper good idea if it’s cold out.



I would agree with the other posts, I wore a shirt to my AC but I was the only girl there who wore one! The rest all wore smart tops and one girl had on a very fancy top, but I would say you’re probably best to avoid being too fancy.