Assessment centre wear


Have an assessment centre coming up with PwC and was wondering what is best to wear? For the 1st interview I wore a striped shirt and trousers, but as the AC has a partner interview I was wondering if it would maybe be a better idea to wear something more professional like a white shirt with a tie. Your thoughts?



Personally, I’d always wear a suit + shirt and tie to an interview or AC. Better to be over dressed than underdressed.


Id wear a suit and tie if i was you. You dont want to give a reason not to hire you do you. not sure a plain white shirt is neccessary. Ive worn a pink (or salmon) shirt and a white shirt with silver/black stripes in my interviews/assessment centres and been offered places

As lukeb said its better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Good luck


Yeah I’m not sure colour is overly important, but personally I’d always go conservative rather than daring. I have an interview ‘uniform’ of white shirt with pale blue striping, with a dark blue tie on top. Looks dapper, but professional haha.

There’s all the sartorial advice I have to offer :wink:


Did you not see the article in this morning’s Metro about white shirt sales going through the roof since virtually everyone in the City has been encouraged to ditch the city slicker wear? If you’re going for a white shirt, go for a decent solid fabric otherwise you’ll look cheap, don’t wear a black suit and DO wear a decent tie (which can be vaguely colourful).


See - [[general interview advice]]


Err, whats wrong with wearing a black suit ?!