Assessment Centre Tips


Hey guys/gals,

I have attended so far three Investment bank assessment centres (DB, Barcap, ML) and have made it through two of them and still waiting results for the third one. Anyways… just wanted to give some casual tips…

These three sources really really helped me:-

  1. Wikijob - Yes… this website you are reading right now! Read ‘ALL’ the forum topics regarding which bank you got the A.C. for! You will get a general overview of whats gonna happen.
  2. How to Succeed At an Assessment Centre - Harry Tolley, Robert Wood. This book gives details on all types of exercises at any A.C. Very helpful.
  3. Talk to people who are working at Investment Banks. Catch them at career talks/fairs or just anywhere. You will really get the insider information of whats happening in the banks right now which you wont find anywhere in the internet.

Anyways… these are the tips i though which is different from all the other tips available in wikijob forums… Good luck to all who are attending assessment centres.


I had the impression that people take their AC process too seriously. Just relax and enjoy your AC. Some no-nos:

  1. Abide by the rules (especially time). There was this kid who tried to bubble in the last 3 of his numerical exam questions even when the HR lady said the time’s up. Why would you even try doing stuff like that? When you are given 20 minutes, do your best during the 20 minute time and drop your pencil when the time’s up. This is also true to group presentations, 1-1 case study presentations and etc. Make sure you don’t go over the allotted times.

  2. Be down to earth and don’t be a tool. Your interviewers can detect your bullshit easily. Don’t be arrogant. During the interview, just take it as a conversation rather than a rigid Q&A session.

  3. Don’t be domineering. This is especially important during a group presentation. If you talk loudly, cut off other interviewees, take on an excessive leadership role, you will look like a toolbag. Just sit there, relax, present your case clearly. Try listening 50% of the time. And yes, there are stupid comments/questions. When you say something, make sure it’s meaningful and it contributes to the overall group discussion.