Assessment Centre Numeracy Tests/Numerical Reasoning?

Grant Thornton
Kingston Smith


Hi everyone,

Can anyone please shed any light on numeracy/maths tests at Assessment Centres (as opposed to online)?

I have done all the practice tests from, found them fine, and have passed online tests for Grant Thornton and Kingston Smith (both Kenexa).

BUT, I keep hearing that the Assessment Centre ones are much harder… (and I have an AC next week).

Is this true? If so, what would be the best way to prepare? Rather than just saying look back over GCSE maths (pretty broad), anything more specific?

Thanks a lot.


Hi there,

I’ve been to enough ACs and from my experience, numerical reasoning tests done on the day are no harder than the online ones. If anything, they’re actually easier as they know you’ll be a bit nervous on the day and they will also put you thru various other assignments (eg group exercise, in-tray, presentation, written exercise etc) designed to assess your other competencies so will lower the pass mark a bit. The numerical reasoning test is merely done under timed conditions to make sure your score on the day isn’t too far off from your online one. I don’t know which company’s AC you’ll be attending, but say with PwC, I found their numerical test at AC (done on paper) to be a lot easier than the online one. There were 20 questions in 20 mins and I think I did 17-18 and got them all right without even much practising! I heard one candidate passed their PwC AC (in which you have to pass all parts of the AC: logical/numerical tests, group exercise and written exercise) by doing only 10 questions out of 20 in numerical and getting them all right.

But if you really want advice as to the best way to prepare, just practise more tests from Assessmentday. There’s another fine practice test provider called JobTestPrep for a bit of variety. The more you practise, the faster you can read and understand the data and the more likely that you can discover shortcut methods (eg for % change from 2900 to 3200, just key in 32/29 then read off all the digits after the decimal to get 10.3%). These shortcuts can save you precious seconds!


Thank you very much, that’s very helpful. My problem has always been time on the numeracy tests- liking to linger/making sure stuff makes sense/is right. Need for speed!

I’ve realised one of the crucial tactics is knowing when to abandon a tricky question in order to keep grabbing the easier ones. In other words, no point getting one tough question correct and missing out on five easy ones…

Thanks again.


Hi there

I’d echo the comments that the real tests aren’t harder than the online ones. It sounds as though you’re in good shape - just keep practising and work on improving your time without rushing. As well as the tests offered by JobTestPrep mentioned previously, I found WikiJob’s numerical tests the most challenging of the ones I did. A key tactic is to bypass any question that’s slowing you down too much and come back to it at the end - often the final questions can be a bit easier, so you want to make sure you get to them.

Good luck!


Thanks! I’ve noticed that too. Sometimes the last three are insultingly easy.