Assessment Centre- How many candidates usually?


I’ve got an assessment centre with Warner Bros this coming Wednesday
I’ve hardly got any information on it. and ths is my first assessment

I know some people will be cut out at after lunch- halfway point.
Just wondering by this stage, how many people would I be generally competeting against for a placement?



whe did you submit your application? and how long did they take to respond to you?


About 2 weeks?
I submitted on the deadline day
Unless you’ve got an email by now its unlikely? They’re doing the Marketing intern assessment tomorrow and i had the marketing and pr role


okay cool I sent hte brand promotions one on the 17th of January and I recently sent the film distribution one on the 10th cause they extended it.


that’s true but I know alot of people are applying for the brand promotions role as well


How did your AC go? I’ve got one tomorrow, and I am finding incredibly difficult to find things that are relevant! I am applying for the Market research role if anyone else is, let me know.