Assessment Center KPMG at Canary Wharft Office - 27 May


Hi everyone,

I ll have an AC on the 27 May. So I would like to know anyone would b going to the same AC?
I would like to know people beforehand. This will be my first AC, and I am quite excited…



Hi Im going fo the same assessment centre as well for a role in audit my first AC AS well.


Nice to meet u, :smiley:
my name is Veevika. What is your name?


Hi my name is pat hows the preparation coming along?


not so great, i m still working on the presentation. Hows urs?
Do u wanna exchange an email so we can chat?


gd luck with ur preparation …


Hi, Pat
I was just wndering if U got the job? And how long u had to wait for until they got back to u? I am nervous.
I just had my partner interview today. Feel exhausted, but relieved…


Does anyone know how to prepare for the E-tray on AC? I am really really struggling on that…