Assessment center help!


Hi guys,

I have been invited to attend an assessment center (after 3 interview stages! whew!!) next month by a consumer media company. Even though its a media industry, i am just looking for a sales/finance role that they have in their grad scheme. But the issue is all grads who want to get into advertising, marketing, IT, strategy, Business development, sales, finance etc etc are all jammed into one same assessment process. so i am a bit clueless as to how the day will go. I am new to this kind of assessment where the grads are so unique and different from each other. If it was only finance grads, i can imagine how the day might go, but this is pretty much crazy!

So far I know that there will be an individual presentation, group exercise and an interview…

Anyone who have attended any kind of assessment center, it doesnt matter which industry…as long as you can give some advice on how i can go through an assessment center without freaking out, that’d be great!!!

please, any positive/negative feedback, anything will help guys…


Hi there

Hopefully someone with recent experience of an assessment centre will get back to you shortly. In the meantime, hopefully this page will help: