Aspen - Telephone interview


Hey all
I have an interview for the Finance streat at Aspen tomorrow (found out today).
Has anyone got any experience at this interview stage and wouldn’t mind sharign their experiences? I will happily do the same tomorrow!


Hey guys
I had the interview. Aspen recruit through an agency called Bright Futures, and a woman contacted me to conduct the interview.

The interview consisted of motivational and competency questions, with the latter containing sub-questions. Based on the questions she asked, and the way she asked them, its clear there are a specific questions that she is required to ask.

  1. Why Aspen?
  2. Why Finance division?
    3a) Where have you turned a relationship around?
    Was that the first time in the position and what did you learn?
    Do you find that you are a good relationship builder?
    Are you emotionally perceptive and do you consider the needs of others?

3b) Example of a difficult experience where you showed determination and resilience?

3c) Wish Aspen in mind what does “Business minded” and “international in our outlook” mean? (This was a hard question)
Give an example of the best business minded decision you have made

There was another sub-question about how you think creatively about the value you, working for a large company, would give to a client. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but something along those lines.

Then she asked if there was anything I would like to add to my application.

She was really, really friendly and understanding that people have weaknesses and its ok to make mistakes in life or to be weak in some areas, so long that one is continuously improving.

All in all the interview lasted around 35 minutes.