Aspen re assessment centre


I have an assessment day for Aspen Re coming up has anyone attended one of their assessment days and knows what to expect? Thanks


No, but I have one coming up too. What is the stream that you applied for?


Hey. I have an assessment centre coming up - has anyone had one? Any advice?


Hi guys,

I’ve got an assessment centre with Aspen Re coming up soon.

Could you please tell me about it and what to expect?



I had one in 2012. The day was broken into 4 tasks.

  1. Behavioural interview - what woud you do in X siutation, how you react in X situation, tell me a time when you did X etc etc.

  2. Technical interview - understand of what Aspen does, the position applied for and wider insurance issues. i.e. why do companies use insurance etc.

  3. Written task - 1 hour to write a report. Situation was a video games publisher having to chose 1 of 5 games to publish. Explain why you chose the title you did with reasoning from the information/data provided.

4.Group discussion - you’re a committee trying to choose which companies deserve a grant from a pool of money you have been allocated. Explain why you think X or Y company is more deserving than the others.