Ask me anything- E and Y( Audit)


I got an offer for E and Y audit in London. This site has been great help to me and so I want to give back!!! Instead of me writing my own experience I thought i would just let people ask me any question about the process they may have and try to answer it.

So ask me anything…


How was the partner interview? And congrats :slight_smile:


Which are you going to accept? Deloitte or E&Y. Reasons?


Oh sorry, forgot to ask, out of curiosity what is your degree in?


Vinczo: The partner interview was very relaxed it didnt feel interrogative at all but rather conversational. From my experience, if you’ve got to the partner interview you’ve exhibited competencies that they’re looking for. The partner just wants to make sure you can fit in with the team and confident enough to hold a conversation with a senior person. At my partner interview I was asked:

  1. What do you pride yourself in- Give examples
  2. Why audit
  3. Why E and Y
  4. What do you know about the role
  5. What do you see as the biggest challenge you’ll face if you join E and Y
  6. What were my strengths
  7. What skills I thought were important for a graduate trainee

Have a bunch of questions to ask and keep it a conversation!!

Remember if you have got that far be confident, your doing really well

Tutor: Well actually I dont think im considering deloitte now. It’s between e and y and BDO. Any advice would be great.
I actually graduated in Business Studies ( yes the broadest degree in the world!!!) i dont even think the degree subject matters that much!


Hey, what sort of questions get asked in the first round interview? thanks


only graduates have a partner interview right? For summer interns the last stage is assessment centre. Correct me if I am wrong.

How did you find the assessment centre?


Congrats on the offer true_audit.

I’m applying for a trainee role with E & Y in pensions audit and just wondered if you could give me some advice about the application process? What sort of questions did they ask at the first interview and what was the assessment day like? I read a lot of posts and the assessment day appears to be the hardest part of the process.