Ask me anything- Deloitte ( Audit)


I got an offer for deloitte audit in London. This site has been great help to me and so I want to give back!!! Instead of me writing my own experience I thought i would just let people ask me any question about the process they may have and try to answer it.

So ask me anything…


I got an offer from Deloitte the other day I am still awaiting the contract letter. I assume you already have your letter? I just wanted to know the kind of things that are included in the letter? And also what happens after you have accepted?

thanks in advance



I have a first round interview coming up for Deloitte Audit. Can you tell me the questions that you were asked please?



Hi There,

I wanted to submit my application in next couple of weeks, am i too late or is there a chance of me getting an interview?

Also needed some help with the application questions,

specifically why i want to join deloitte…Was just wondering are there any major things going on in deloitte at the moment which make them stick out of the crowd? (I know about their involvement with the 2012 olympics)

p.s. i’m looking to join Audit