Ask me anything- Deloitte ( Audit)


I got an offer for deloitte audit in London. This site has been great help to me and so I want to give back!!! Instead of me writing my own experience I thought i would just let people ask me any question about the process they may have and try to answer it.

So ask me anything…


Hi, thanks for your help, I have my first interview soon, did they ask you any questions that have not appeared on this website under likely interview questions?


Hey jimmy6161, I got accepted on audit at Deloitte… just thought I’d let you know - the Qs on this website were what I got asked - the first stage was quite robotic in the way the questions were asked!


I have an assessment centre coming up soon, so can you please shed some light on the partner interview and how did you best prepare for this part? thanks for all your help really appreciate it.


Jimmy616: Hey, Every question i was asked has been mentioned on this site.
The ones that I can remember

  1. 2 examples of achieving a goal
  2. 2 examples of presenting
  3. 2 examples of teamwork
  4. Why deloitte/ Why audit
  5. issues affecting industry/ Deloitte
  6. 2 examples of making a decision

Just bear in mind the competencies and use a variety of examples, i.e sports, volunteering, uni, travelling etc…

Like hd811 i also found the first round very robotic, do not be put off by this! Just use the STAR/ CAR approach and you’ll be fine. Let us know how it goes

Carg500: The partner interview wasnt as robotic as the first. He first asked me a few points about my written exercise. " why did you make that choice and not the others", " tell me how you came to the final decision/ thought process". So you need to be able to justify your choice and remain strong despite any opposition from the partner. Then it moved to a more traditional interview.

  1. Why audit
  2. Why deloitte
  3. Talk about a news story
  4. issues affecting industry/ audit
  5. Example of teamwork
  6. Example of being organised
    7)Example of when you have adapted to a new situation
    There were a few more but cant remember them, have your first interview answers ready as well.

Have really good questions to ask. Not just the same boring ones as well. Make the partner remember you for being confident, articulate, well-informed and also someone who asked interesting questions.


Hey guys,
I have completed my online tests for deloitte for entreprenurial business, but I recieved the following email:
‘We have just completed our recruitment of Entrpreneurial Business in Cambridge- would you like to transfer to another service line in Cambridge or another office?’
I would value your advice as to how I should respond in a way as to not cause any delay in my process.
Should I ask them what positions are available and where??



Dear All,
your posts have been extremely beneficial…i have the first round of interview coming up…can any one shed some light on the questions asked for Audit?
I am a bit nervous, as the interview is quite long…as compared to others…ant piece of advice…and some recent questions update?
I shall be grateful



I have my AC coming up and know approx what to expect, but regarding e-tray: some people say it’s about prioritizing (the calendar will pop up), whereas some say it’s just about choosing the right multi-choice answer in a given order. What does it look like this year? Would greatly appreciate any help.

Regarding the partner interview, will they have the answers from my previous interview? Will I have to use the same situations if he asks me?

Any general idea how to stay calm? :frowning:


true_audit congrats!!


Hello true_audit,

I am currently applying for an Audit position in London. I wanted to ask you how did you beat the SHL test?, which resources did you use to prepare yourself for the test? how many questions were there?, how many do you think you answered well? could you give any advice on how to perform well?

thank you very very much!!!


Hi, true_audit. I don`t want to be annoying, but I want to ask you once again about the questions for the 1st round interview. Were they asking “Give me two examples of a teamwork”, or were the questions related to that field, like “Give me an example of a situation, where a problem has appeared while working in the team”?

Thank you


Hi True Audit

Hope you are alright. I am having my 1st round interview next week for Deloitte Audit in a non-London office.
Though I am very confident about my skills and qualifications I am quite worried about the competition since I am a Non-EU candidate living in UK.
How many people do you think will attend a 1st round interview?


hey guys just a quick question, I have my first interview with deloitte coming up next week. They said you may be tested again on your verbal and numerical reasoning tests. I just wanted to know whether everyone does it, becuase I know my friend who had her Goldman interview and everyone had to do the the tests; or it is actually that only a few get randomly selected? Thanks for all the help


not everyone, I wasn’t retested…


I will have a interview on Thursday. Where can I find the most questions that will be asked during the 1st round?


I have my interview on thursday for Risk and Regulation. it comes under Audit as a department. Not sure how to prepare for the interview. Is it risk and regulation based or specifically on audit.

Help please.


hey hey

i have the first office interview round coming up for audit - business process and risk consulting, does anyone have any tips or experience please?