Asia Pacific (Singapore/Hong Kong Assessment Centres)


Hi mates,

Let’s use this channel to update everyone in the Asia Pacific region.

Has anyone been to an Assessment Centre yet?



Soc Gen’s HK AC mentioned to be on the week of 22 Nov 2010


yep but have they responded w.r.t invitations to AC?

i applied for their markets prog in Sg, went for their phone interv, they replied and said they were impressed with credentials and would update me over the next week (which was the last week) but didn’t hear back.

Wondering if that’s a rejection, though I did ask the interviewer towards the end of the interview and they mentioned that if they pass me, they’d most prob invite me for the AC (as opposed to HSBC’s where they might pass u for interview but still not invite u for AC)


has anyone applied to Deutsche Bank IB in HK, Rothschild & RBS in SG and heard back?


HK app:

havent heard back from any banks apart from UBS… having a phone interview this week…

but i have done a few online tests… anyone did the test for RBS?

i just did one logical reasoning test but havent been invited to the numerical nor got any replies… is it normal to wait for a while or I failed?



i got rejected from rothschild for IBD in singapore… so i guess if they haven’t rejected you its good news.

all the best!


got responses (both positive) from CS IBD and McKinsey.

Good luck to all!


hi all, does anyone know what the AC will be like? are there many technical problems?


Havent heard back from most. Got rejections from CS and got told that BarCap is full. Still waiting on the others…
Does anyone know if Deutsche sends out rejections, coz i havent heard back from them in reallly long.


Rejected by BNP (fixed income trading), BoA (trading/structuring) and CS (fixed income) so far.

All the best guys.


Yes. interviewed with HSBC, SocGen and RBS. rejections from MS and Macquarie. no invitation to the AC with SocGen in late Nov.
All ibds


May I know for what position you had applied for in RBS and what stage you are in with them. I ask this, as I had applied for RBS -GM-Operations 3 weeks back and they haven’t responded- and not sent the link either.On the other hand,I ve heard RBS sends out rejections immediatly as well.
I have mailed the HR but they just sent me the standard mail asking me to wait.
Would be glad if some-one could share their experience regarding the same.


hi whatsayyou,

I applied for their IBD programme in Asia so I dont really know what is going on with Operations…(not that I know a lot about what is going on with my app …)
had telephone interview last week, received the email of ‘we remain interested in your app’ , guess that they are still finalising the list of candidates for the AC as well as the time and location of the AC


has anyone been invited to the ac of MS PWM or J.P PWM?


Has anyone applied to BNP or Barcap S&T roles in HK actually heard back (regardless of rejection or interview)?


After almost two months of waiting, got an invite to complete numerical and logical tests for RBS GMB Ops. Though I can swear I’d already done them :s
But then, with the number of applications I’ve done, I cant be sure anymore…(I"ll make sure not to mention tht in an interview :P)
Anyone else heard back similarly from RBS?
Also, anyone heard back for Singapore or HK full-time positions at BoA, UBS, Goldman or Nomura?


@ starfall 75
Can you tell me which position you had applied for- I had applied for RBS GBM Operations and though they haven’t sent me the rejection mail, they haven’t provided the link either, which is quite worrying. Do you know if the first-round interviews, Assessment Centers etc have been held ? I am also awaiting the results of BoA Operations and UBS operations, Singapore.


Ive also applied to Ops most places. Well, im not sure why you havent received an update. Check the message centre again perhaps. I have a couple of friends who got rejections too, so I think all the mails have been sent out by now. give it a couple of days though I would say…


anyone got interviews with S&T credit suisse singapore, BNP Fixed income trading singapore, or BoAML Trading/structuring?

help me calm my nerves!!


Has anyone been invited for Assessment center for RBS Asia-Pacific?

I had a phone interview about two weeks ago, but have not heard back from yet.