ASDA Reality Assessment Centre


Hello All,
I have applied for Graduate Finance Role in Asda and I have to attend assessment centre on mid December.
Can any one plz help me with the style of the assessment centre as it sounds that it is quite different from other companies.

Any help will be appreciated.



Hi DT,

I have the telephone interview Soon… Was wondering how yours was and what sort of things they asked?





Sorry lol… iPhone going crazy there


Which scheme you applied turtleman.
They never asked me to go for phone interview.



Wow that’s strange I applied to the trader scheme… Wonder why I have a phone interview and you don’t.


Hey d_t

How was AC? Could you please share your experience?

Many Thanx


Hi DiligentLady,

Oh, I wasn’t able to attend assessment centre with ASDA due to my personnel circumstances. However, I hope I will attend one in future.

Sorry, Cant help you with this one.



Did any of you go to this? I have an invite to attend tomorrow and found there is not much information about the day available anywhere. :S


I have a reality assessment centre soon and have a query about the presentation.

do we have to prepare power point slides, or is it as we wish?


It should say in the notes to your pack. For the Finance scheme it tells you not to… I’m not sure about the others. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Anyone been to Asda Reality Assessment Centre recently?

I have assessment centre on 13th May.

Plz help!!!