Arup Graduate Scheme 2017 Interview Experience and AC Questions



I just passed the Building Engineering telephone interview and I’m going to take an assessment center in London.
Just want to post some experience and looking for advice for AC.
Before my telephone interview, I googled for experiences but didn’t find much helpful posts. So I want to share my experience because it was more complex than I expected, hope it helps.
The interview staff said it would take around 30 mins, while actually it took 45 mins for my telephone interview.
There are mainly 3 parts, in the first part, I got some questions about the company value and why do you think you fit Arup; in the following part the staff gave me two working scenes and each asked 3 to 4 questions about what would you do and why; at last she asked if I have any questions and confirmed my location preference.
I was very nervous at first but as time went by I felt better, I asked the staff several times to repeat the question, she was patient and that really helped me to relax.
My advice for the telephone interview is to read about the key speech and Arup value, also, make sure you understand what the question really want you to do before answering.
So for my following assessment center, would anyone like to give me some advice or experiences? I really didn’t found much information about the AC.
Would there be a group discussion or case study that requires you to draw something with autoCAD?
Thanks in advance!


Hello, I have a phone interview tomorrow with Arup for the position of graduate environmental engineer in buildings as I was not successful in the graduate building services engineer position. Could you please share with me what were the exact questions for you ? Whatever you remember it will help me. Thank you very much in advance.


Any news?


Yes I passed the telephone interview and attended the assessment center. But I’m still waiting for decisions of rejection, or offers - which I don’t think I could get…


Hello RinoWang, do you mind sharing what the assessment center consisted of? Can you also provide any insights into the technical questions asked?