Arranging final partner interview



Hi Sam,

I know lots of people have been asking similar questions and that there may not be a definitive answer, but I was informed that I would be made aware of a date for my partner interview within 2 weeks of passing the AC. It’s been a little longer than that now (I’ve applied for Management Consulting 2016) and I wonder if there would be a specific reason for that - such as me perhaps being borderline therefore not a priority, or rather just that 2015 entrants are taking priority at the moment?

Thanks a lot for your help, this forum is such a great idea and I for one really appreciate it!


We haven’t actually formally started recruiting for 2016 as yet, so to be totally honest, with the numbers of candidates we have for 2015 to work through, this is probably why there is a delay. Have you got the direct contact details of your recruitment contact? This way, if you speak to them, they can probably give you a bit more of a definitive timeline.

Either way, apologies for the delay you are experiencing.




From reading the various comments on here I did think that that was probably the case, just when the two week period came and went I was little concerned!
But thanks for your help, and I suppose having longer to prepare can only be a good thing.


Hi Sam,

Thanks very much for what you have done in Wikijob as you attentively answered our questions and comforted us.

However, I applied for this position last year October, and I waited month and month for different procedures, so I don’t think it is because I applied too late so that caused this delay. And since I have been waiting for my final interview for almost 4 months, can I ask whether the interview for Audit London has started yet? I am considering flying back home for 2 to 3 weeks in August for several interviews, so I need to book my tickets. I don’t want to miss this interview here as well, so I am wondering if it is possible to get my final interview date within these days? I am really interested in this programme I applied for provided by KPMG, so I am really looking forward to the final interview.

Really sorry if i am a bit pushy. Thanks again for what you have done. I am really appreciated.

All the best, thanks again.


Audit in London is one of our most popular programmes, so sometimes things take a bit longer than normal due to the high volume of candidates we have to deal with. I appreciate this doesn’t excuse delays since you applied in October though. If you pass on your details to me (your post is listed as anonymous) I can chase up the team that look after the Audit roles in London to see if we can get anything sorted before you leave the country.