Are there daily targets in Accounting?


3 years after graduating I was recently given the advice to try and marry your passion with your talent. My passion is music and tv, but let’s face it, I’m never going to be a tv producer, actress or musician. My talent lies with numbers and I have a Maths degree. So after looking at several options including production accounting (tv) and music marketing I have decided I’d like to work in finance (I’m thinking management accounting) for a record company. I’ve decided the best route in, and leaving my options open, would be to study for the ACA qualification in an accountancy firm.

Only thing is, I currently work in customer services for a bank and there are daily targets involved which I cannot handle very well. Deadlines I’m good at, but I prefer having a piece of work to get on with and taking my time over. I hate feeling rushed. I like to plan for any setbacks and I find I tend to go into a panic that I won’t meet daily targets, which means I’m pretty stressed most of the week. My Mum said she though a lot of jobs would be like this and I was wondering if accountancy, specifically training with an accountancy firm, would involve this?




Check your inbox I am in a very similar situation to you, think we even work in the same place


Email inbox? There’s nothing there…


I am in a very similar situation to you. I studied Accounting and Finance at university and currently work dealing with PPI complaint. Ultimately I want to work in the finance department of a company, I will get some exemptions towards professional qualification. I do not think there is daily targets elsewhere as in Accounting and finance type jobs as I have spoken to family members that work in office environment and another that works in finance department and they all stated they do not have targets and just get the job done. Hope this helps


PPI complaints? That’s costing the banks a lot of money. I don’t work in PPI complaints but I know people who have gone to work in that department for other banks. It’s getting to be a big industry, claiming back PPI…