Are job offers conditional on getting degree?


Hi everyone!

I’m a student in my final year and I’m currently applying to KPMG.

I know that the minimum degree most companies look for is 2:1. My question is: If I get through the interview, assessment centre etc., get offered the job, accept it and then do badly in my exams and get a 2:2 or worse, will they still take me? Or is the job offer conditional on getting the 2:1?


Can you tell how well my final year is going? :slight_smile:


You need the 2.1. Only under exceptional circumstances will you get anywhere with a 2.2; and if these circumstancs are exceptional enough, you uni will give you a 2.1 anyway.

Iad a friend who worked at PwC with a 2.2 in Georgraphy, graduated from Cambridge, but she is definately the exception to the rule. They have the choice of the best candidates, and if you have a 2.2 that puts in question your ability to do the training, which is definatley much harder than uni exams.

The difference between a 2.2 and a 2.1 in terms of getting a job is massive, in other words, you really want to try and get your final year down because it will make your life much easier afterwards.

If you do get a 2.2, you can still get in but some accounting experience will probably help, e.g. working elsewhere first.

I think Grant Thornton accept 2.2 for audit. Also, if you just want to become a chartered accountant, you can do this in industry and do ACCA or CIMA, these are pretty much as good as ACA in the long run.

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions please ask!


Thanks for the info!

That’s kind of what I thought to be honest.

What I really wanted to know is how does it work in terms of applying for the job before finishing your degree?

In my application it asked for my predicted grade which is 2:1, I got an interview, passed that and I’ve got the assessment centre tomorrow. So, if all goes well and they offer me a job next week, ie before I know my final degree result, will their offer be conditional on my getting a 2:1? Or is it the case that once I get the offer, I can relax knowing that I will still have the job whatever happens?


I’m afraid to say it will be conditional If you get a 2.2 and can give backed up extenuating circumstances, they may uphold your offer, but otherwise you will need a backup plan.


OK, guess I’d better start hitting the books then!

Thanks very much for your help.


No problem, good luck tomorrow! Let us know how it goes!