Are companies sponsoring work permits at all this year?


Hi All,

I was just wondering if companies are sponsoring work permits at all this year? Is it really worth applying and going through several rounds of assessment for graduate placements for international students? I have been applying to companies and getting through the first few stages at some of the biggest companies. But after giving a very good interview too, I get a response which is very disheartening and demoralizing. Its not even like my profile isn’t good. I’ve always had good (A) grades, a Master’s degree and worked for sometime for a big company like Accenture in my home country.

Last year, companies were much more accepting. I also had the opportunity to work last year for sometime but the contract ended so I am now looking for permanent graduate roles as I have very little experience.

Are more people facing the same problem? Please could someone suggest me if its even worth trying in this grim UK economy.


I’m also an international applicant and I have received many unreasonable rejections which I could only relate to my immigration status.
The employers’ quota have reduced a lot and I guess no matter how good we perform they are unable to employ us.
I guess it’s more probable to get a job in big organisations like banks rather than small companies, although competition for them is higher.