Are aptitude tests a useful way to find out more about candidates?


Hi everybody

I’d be interested to know from those who have taken aptitude tests as to whether they are a good method for employers to screen candidates. Do they effectively test skills and competencies, or can candidates game the system via thorough preparation?


Yes definitely, An aptitude test is a scientific tool that measures a child’s natural ability in various aptitudes. A combination of these aptitudes is necessary for success in each career. Thus, the aptitude test profiles the child’s aptitudes, and helps choose careers where he or she has the maximum potential to succeed.


I completely agree with Anu P. The main reason behind conducting an Aptitude test is for the screening and the filtering of candidates. Candidates who outperform in such tests are given a chance to move ahead, while the others have to try that again. Aptitude tests contain various analytical and reasoning questions which test the thinking ability of the candidate. The test can be counted as a miniature version of a real time situation where in the candidate may be expected to work on a certain problem in a given time frame. Aptitude tests are great to assess how efficiently a candidate can handles problems under pressure. These tests play an important role in the hiring process in various companies across the IT Industry.


Yes while assessing the overall personality and mental psyche, it is good to use to aptitude test because you are investing money to make your business efficient and one way is to evalute your employees with an aptitude test, Learn more


In my view, aptitude tests are still very subjective, however, they are still an effective (or at least say, better-than-nothing) tool to shortlist candidates. Having said that, there is so much room to improve. Perhaps, in the future the tests should be developed with the aid of artificial intelligence.