Arcadia Graduate Financial Analyst Jan 2014




I was wondering if anybody has been through the Arcadia process?

If so how long did you have to wait for a response from your initial application and what questions were you asked in the telephone interview?
What was the assessment center/brand interview like?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Use thejobcrowd’s page on arcadia interviews?


Hi kfdgp4 . I received an email a few days ago asking if I am still intereted in the position and that they will be sending tests and screening apps shortly.
The email also advised that the assesment centre will be held on 27th November for successful candidates.


Hi, just wondered what kind of questions you got asked in your telephone/video interview?


Have you had a video interview yet? :slight_smile: wondering if it would be similar to buying. Wondering if you could give me an idea as to the sort of questions did you get asked :slight_smile:


Hi supol :slight_smile: I just finished it. Be prepared to talk about what you’ve done, Arcadia and what your role will be. The toughest part is the short time limit you have to record so don’t worry about having to talk for ages! Good luck, hope it goes well :slight_smile: