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Please detail any scholarships, academic honours, awards or prizes obtained in the last 4 years.
What prizes and awards would be relevant to put in this section if I have not archived any scholarships or academic honours. It is a 1000 word limit so it can be difficult to cover all that. Are we meant to use up all the word limit?

If you could design your career at Deloitte, what would it look like? (Maximum 1,000 characters including spaces) *

This is a pretty difficult question. I just wondered what kind of answer they are aiming for. Needs a pretty creative response


Awards and prizes

Any awards or prizes that demonstrate academic ability, teamwork, leadership, anything really, will be appropriate. What were you going to put in?

You don’t need to use the word limit but you should make a stab at writing more than a few lines. Check carefully whether the Deloitte application form asks you to use bullet points or full text.

Design a career

Really what they are asking is, are you career expectations realistic? Do you know what a career at Deloitte would be like and where it might lead? If your career aspirations here mirror a typical career at Deloitte, then you have answered the question well.

Suggestions of things to talk about are:
]Coaching others
]Managing others
[]Managing clients
]Secondments and travel
[*]Potential partnership (go easy on this one)

Exactly what a career will entail will also depend on what service line you have applied for.


Yeah the problem with the awards Q is that I cant really think of anything during my university life especially. We are not really given “certificates” for teamwork or leadership. Its only for academic results etc. So really cant think of anything in this section. I’m worried because I think this is a significant Q.

For the KPMG application really strange Q where it asks why do u think your results are not as good as they could be. I think I would put something on the lines of it being over committed will extra co-curricular activities and being sick in one instance.


Hi David,

I would suggest you call HR at Deloitte and ask them exactly what they are interested in regarding the Awards and Prizes question. If the question is only concerned with academic/sporting/extra curricula awards and prizes and you simply don’t have many (or any) of these, then you won’t be able to submit much information here and will have to compensate with outstanding answers for your other questions. However, it may be that Deloitte would also consider an answer detailing general achievements, allowing you to talk about societies you were in at Uni, College or outside of your education, your hobbies and activities you’ve been involved in that you feel you have personally benefited from.

For the Results question - not sure I get you totally. What are they, and what are you, asking exactly? Have they seen your results already and are asking this as a consequence or is this just a general question?

Bear in mind for this kind of thing that if candidates try to over excuse poor results (things like illness, high involvement with clubs/societies, etc) it can seem a little arrogant, needy and resentful. Some recruiters will get the impression that you are the kind of person who thinks themselves better than they are and doesn’t really care enough about their academic work, because they are too sociable. To some recruiters this gives the impression that you would also under-perform in a work environment, if hired.

It can sometimes be more advantageous to stand up for yourself and what you have achieved. For example, companies sometimes ask candidates with a 2.1 degree if they were aiming for a 1st and if they are happy with their 2.1. Rather than telling them that you were aiming for a first but failed, and missed it, it can make a much better impression to tell them that you were aiming for a 2.1 and achieved it with flying colours. You can explain that you decided aiming for a first would have been impossible with your hectic extra-curricula busy lifestyle and that you organised yourself to ensure you’d hit a 2.1. Now, rather than coming across as the guy who underperforms, you come across as an organised and sensible individual who accepts their limitations and achieves what they set out to do. Companies want to hire exceptional individuals, but they also want to hire sensible people, who will be complete their assigned role.

Re-state yourself and I’ll try to help more.


Good luck!


well the exact question is "Please detail any circumstances that may have negatively impacted on your academic performance "…it is not a compulsory answer, but the truth is that i was sick at one time and i believe this did have a impact on my results. Is it a good idea to include that.

For the awards question i was thinking of including things like short courses i have done to gain more knowledge in this area instead of just doing a uni degree and I have also attended seminars which shows drive and initiative


To be fair, I’m much the same as you, having achieved little else at uni other than a degree. If you were a member of any societies or held any responsibilities, consider putting them here (assuming there is nowhere more relevant). Ultimately list what you can and move on.

In respect of the illness question, definately put it in if you thing it affected your degree. You should be able substantiate your claim with your medical history. It is particularly relevant if you are applying with a 2.2 and you need a 2.1.


The problem is it is asking about clubs and societies in the next question…so cant include that either… really have no clue about this question!!!:confused:


Just to give you some ideas, here are the things I listed:

McDonalds Scholarship of 1000GBP for continued commitment to work and study
Czech Government Scholarship to spend a month in the Czech Republic to Improve my Czech

That sort of thing is what they mean I think, or if you have won any uni prizes like best dissertation or something.


I think the problem is that Daivid, like many of us, hasn’t got anything like this on his CV! - in which case I really think you’ll have to leave this answer blank, or fill in minimal details.

It would really be worth calling HR and asking them about this question and finding out if leaving it blank would be ok, considering you can’t really answer it. You won’t even have to give them your name when you call - they should be very helpful…



I also think that calling HR would be the best approach to see whether you can add more general achievements that don’t necessarily have a specific award attached. Some of the questions on the form are basically just breaking your CV down into chunks they can analyse easily, so whilst it will look good if you do have some awards/scholarships etc I don’t think it’s the end of the world if not. They are just giving you the space to add information that doesn’t fit elsewhere and a good response about your responsibilities and achievements within your extracurricular activities for the next question will balance out an N/A for this.

Regarding the illness issue, this really depends on a) how well you did despite it Vs expectations (truthfully! :wink: ) b) how severe the illness is…a lot of people claim to have results affected by illness so it can be regarded as just an excuse in many cases and therefore c) whether your claim can be backed up by both a medical note from the time and your department-ie if you went to your doctor and department before/during your exams to prove you were ill then it’s worth mentioning. However if you just claimed you were affected after receiving disappointing results, they might disregard it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: