Applying with education obtained outside of the UK


Hello, has anyone applied for Big4 graduate programs with education obtained outside of the UK? I have graduated from university in Russia and I am currently studying for ACCA qualification in London. How does Big 4 do conversion of international education? For example I hold first class BA degree in Russia but will UK recognize it? And obviously our GCSE system is slightly different, even thought I have no “C” for any subjects I studied I am still not quite sure if I am able to gain 300 UCAS points to meet entry academic requirements for Big4. Many thanks in advance. Elena


Hello Elena,

I think you should cheek with Naric UK. There is an option called statement of comparability with translation waiver, and as i saw it is aviable in russian,too. You will find there all the information you need. Otherwise they will advice what you should do next.

I hope you sort out your problem.



Hi Lena, I have sent you a private message.


KPMG grad website gives acad conversions for all countries which are equivalent to 300 UCAS point.
U can take that as the normal scale for the rest of Big4 too


Do you have any idea about how does the work permit thing works for Big4?
Do they have any certain % of grad positions which they reserve for those requiring work permit?