Applying to more than one location with PwC?


Has anyone attempted to apply to two different countries with a single firm at the same time? Is it allowed? I would like to apply to London and Luxembourg for assurance because I am not totally sure which place I would like to spend the next 3 years.


This depends on whether or not the two offices have a linked recruitment campaign… I imagine they don’t, and so technically you should be able to apply to both.

Even if the two offices were linked, it is highly likely that they’d never notice you’d applied twice, and even if it was discovered, the worst that would happen is that one of your applications would be withdrawn.

There are of course options to travel and relocate once you have successfully had your offer, accepted and completed your training if you get a job in London or Luxembourg… but if you want to keep your options open right now, you could certainly apply to both.

Remember: if you’re planning on an international career, think about which office would give you the best training to set you up for this.

Good luck in your applications!