applying to banks 2 years after graduation?????????????


hey guys, just a quick question, just wanted to know if it is still possible to apply to banks more than a year after graduation for analyst role. e.g. if i graduated in 2010, and didnt get in to the role for a 2011 start, can you apply for a 2012 start, just curious as I know DB dont allow you to, and was wandering if other banks are like this cheers


There’s nothing to stop you from applying. As I understand it most firms welcome applications from anyone who has graduated within the last three years. Your application may be stronger than other more recent grads too, if you can show you have been putting your time to good use. the most important thing is that you have a good CV - i.e. good degree + internships!


Yeah mate you should be fine, but it depends on the banks. Some dont care how you old you are when you apply others do. Just contact HR of all the banks and find out.


you are fine, i know people who did that and got grad jobs


yes you can provided you have a good cv and done something during your time i.e. work in consultancy/big4 etc non bank related or bank related but not what you wanted to do. Plenty of people switch their career these days within 1-3years time.


I graduated last year and I secured an analyst role for a large bank earlier this year (I am working for them now). I think like everyone else has said it’s a case of having a strong cv, showing them you have the skills set they want in a graduate. I think you should also bear in mind that there are analyst roles available for graduates which are not graduate schemes, that appear throughout the year.


Hey guys I have not done any banking internships, but have got a range of entrepreneurial experience as well as strong engineering internships. I am about to begin my 3rd year at a top 5 UK university, enrolled on an engineering course. Which banks can I apply to for a final year internship? I think Bank of America is one…are there any others?


I graduated in 2008 from a top-tier UK university and thats when the crisis struck. Although, I’m interested in Finance, I’ve been in a non-finance job where I have contributed significantly. I would like to know how banks view such situations and whether age will be criterion to recruit for grad programs.


Nandshah, have u been in a non-finance job by choice? Or have you not been able to get into finance graduate schemes?


cordy, I’m not in the non-finance job by choice. It was just that for various reasons I wasnt able to get into the finance grad schemes