Applying for Tax at PwC - Assessment Centre help?!



I was wondering if anyone could help me. I’ve been invited to attend an assessment centre at PwC for a role in tax - corporate tax to be more precise on 2nd Feb 2010!!

I just had a few questions. Does anyone have any good ideas on what topics i could discuss regarding tax at this current point in time. For example, obviously the pre-budget report had a lot of good points i could talk about, but i want to have a bit of variety and not just talk about the most publicized issues regarding tax and also that was some time ago!

Also, does anyone have any good examples i could use for these questions:

What recent developments have affected PwC and the accounting industry?
What services could PwC offer a big industrial company?
How would these services differ for a smaller company?
What do you see as the major challenges facing our organisation over the next 5 years?

Thanks, would really appreciate any feedback =)


Have a look on:


Thanks so much!


Hi secret 23,

I hope your AC went well. I have an AC for corporation tax and indirect tax.

Can you please tell me whether you had to write a written report? if so can you please tell me a bit about it as I am really worried about it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks a lot




Hey secret23 and unique2, how did your AC go???
I’m having one coming soon on Tax: Human Resources Consulting, just wondering how different would it be from normal Tax ACs, cuz for the interview I was just asked about Tax in general, would the AC be more specific and in-depth?
If anyone could give an answer, I’ll be very grateful. Thanks!!!


I had my AC the other day for Corporate Tax and it was very specific. In fact I chose to speak about it in the interview. Just make sure you ace the partner interview. This consists of generic and specific questions; Why PWC, Competencies. The specifics depend on individual partner. I spoke about the UK’s budget deficit and ways in which tax may be used to reduce it, talk about the Budget Report etc

Good luck



Hey guys
Does anyone know if the company you speak about in your partner interview has to be a PwC client because I just read something in one of the advice documents and the company I have prepared is not a PwC Client?