Applying for PwC (again)


Hi all,

Im a long time lurker but this is my first post! So just like to say thanks for all the advice and tips i have picked up off the site.

Anyway i have 1 quick question i hope someone can help me with:
I applied to PwC Cardiff last Nov/Dec, got past the application and tests but unfortunately failed the interview. I am now applying for a 2010 start in Swansea, however i was wondering if i need to redo all my answers from last year or can i re use them?
I am going to use a different answer for the ‘company you would like to audit (or something like that)’ because i didn’t like my answer last year, but for the rest of them can i use the same answers?

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.


I used the same answers in the same intake year, for the same job and got it second time around.

I failed the online tests in Nov, when reapplying i used the same answers to everything and got the job in June.


I am through to the assessment centre and used lots of the same answers from my previous app, but modified them slightly.

Good luck!!


Thanks for the advice, I guess ill stick with what I have got and maybe change them slighty.