Applying for other grad programmes when you're already on a grad scheme


Hi everyone,

I have a huge problem. I am already on a graduate programme, just started this autumn…but I would like to apply to other programmes for the 2011 intake. I am sure I am not the only graduate who has ever done this, and that’s why I decided to ask this on here. How is best to proceed in this situation? Would you add the current employer on an application form? The bottom line is that I would like to continue working for my current employer until I start the new job (if I get a new offer). I am aware that all companies have to do checks on you and they call your employers etc, and so I am afraid that they will call my employer early on and they will find out that I want to go…and I will have to quit sooner rather than later. What do you guys think is the best way to go: to omit my employer from the application form or is it better to include it, cause otherwise they will want to know what am I doing now, since I am not studying anymore…

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to reading your opinion on this.




Well k as far as I know employers will only contact people ONCE you have accepted an offer from them, so if I was you I would not omit my current employer. Furthermore, why would you do that, esp when you can show them you have experience! Just be prepared to answer why you want to leave your current role should you get any interviews, and ensure prospective employers you wont do the same to them! Good luck

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If you dont mind me asking, who are you currently with and why do you want to leave them? And who do you want to leave them for?

This info could help people to not make the same mistake you have.


If you leave, you might have to pay all your fees back.

Plus, I love Doughnuts, I think your wrong about references.


I understand that I’ll have to pay the fees back and that won’t be a problem. What do you mean when you say you think I luv doughnuts is wrong…do you think they call your references earlier on?



Sorry but I can’t give that info openly because this is a public forum. I’m sure you will understand.


They are not going to offer you the job and then call your references for them to’re a thief and a lazy sob are they?


Well, I wasn’t implying that. Of course, they will get to know you throughout the whole process. From my past experience, they only wanted references once I got an offer, so I’m not gonne worry about that for now.