Applying for Graduates schemes after doing a placement at porsche but suspect A-level??


Hi everybody I am new to this forum but its seems very informative and im happy i’ve found it :slight_smile: Anyway I study at Brunel university doing Business and Management (Accounting) I finished my second year with bad grades a low 2:2 but i confident with hard work i can turn it around in my final year. One of the reasons why i ddin’t do so well is because i spent a lot of time looking for a placement which i managed to get. I am part of the finance department at Porsche and i am enjoying it alot.

Looking forward to next year and after i graduate i am naturally excited becasue i will be able to put on applications that i have been working at Porsche for year. My concerns stem from my less than great A level results of BCC which equates to 260 ucas points. what makes me mad is that i should of had at least 280 points but because of a business teacher in A levels who i beleive had a grudge agaist me marked my business coursework at a D when she had told me when marking drafts that i was well on the way to an A or B!! anyway I ended up with a C overall and obviously at that time i didnt know the requiements of the Big 4 and other graduates schemes which require at least 280 points!!

I know that if i work hard next year at uni i get get at least A 2:1 considering the final year counts for 66 percent for my final degree. I am just a big angry that because of A levels which i took some 4 years ago i probably will not be consdiered for the big 4 when i will be more qualified than graduates with no experience when i have a whole year of real accounting experience with a big company!!

Do you think ringing the Hr departments of the big 4 or other comapnies with high entry requirements would help?