Applying for different job within same agency


I applied for a role through Annapunarhr. Unfortunately I still haven’t heard back from them, but I have seen another role of interest within the agency, but different area of HR to the previous role.

Is it advisable to apply for the other role, even though it’s a different area of HR, given it’s the same agency? I don’t want to appear as indecisive.


yeah you are right. you will be like indecisive. so don’t even try to do so. Just make a call to ApplyOnlineToday. They will advise you


As you said that you haven’t heard back from them so you appear as indecisive to apply for the other jobs with the same recruitment agency. And this is also the different area of your previously applied job post so to apply for the different area with the same recruitment agencies is not a good deal. It also creates a bad image in front of recruitment agency that you are not so specific for your job hunt and they will probably find the jobs in the future that even not match the skill of your interest.


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