Applying for Big4, non-relevant work experience....


I’ve found this forum very useful indeed.
My question is, how possible for an experienced candidate to apply for Big4 graduate positions?
I have non-relevant to accounting/audit experience but have a degree in msc in management and would like to join Big4, do i have a chance at all?
any inputs will be much appreciated!
thank you


noone to respond?? its really sad though… :frowning:


You dont need a relevant degree or experience to apply. You do need strong grades from your University however.


I agree with jungle_boogie you don´t need relevant degree most of employers recruit graduates with wide range of degrees. Althought in my opinion the graduates that have relevant degree might have a bit of advantage at the early stages of recruitment process but once you will be at assessment centre it doesn´t matter I think. And any kind of work experience is to your advantage.


People with a relevant degree might be better at talking about certain topics in the interview - but in terms of the exams people with relevant degrees don’t tend to do better in fact some even do worse as others are making a fresh start.

Any work experience is good - focus on transferable skills

In your position you must be able to demonstrate why you want to switch careers and that you can do it successfully