Apply now or next year?


I applied to BDO last week. Found out today i got rejected. A bit gutted because i spent ages on the application questions, and i do have a good academic record etc. Although i do realise it was quite late to apply.

Do you think theres a good chance the application was rejected because its late and there have been too many applications already?

I don’t know whether to spend alot of time filling out more applications, or just concentrate on my final year and apply early next year.

If I apply now and its too late, it’ll waste time that I could be spending on my studies, and it will mean I won’t be able to apply early next year if i do get rejected from everywhere. Or do you think its not too late??

What do you all think?


Depends on how desperate you are to get on with a career right after Uni I guess…

Personally I took a year out, mostly because I intend to go travelling in the New Year. Got a bit of real world experience that Uni can’t provide, and lined up my Big 4 job for when I come back.

There’s absolutely no rush to get started on your career for the moment you walk out of University, just remember that. Plus if you apply early-ish next year you put yourself in with a shout from the outset.