Applied to Deloitte with a 2.2 yesterday


Speculatively applied, understood I did not meet the requirements so I tried to make my career motivation answers slightly more interesting and unique. But in all honesty i was not expecting anything.

First thing today i have been invited to complete the numerical test. Am i right in thinking that is the end of the matter? Or is it possible they overlooked it on my application form?

Are Deloitte known to accept candidates that do not meet min requirements?


im interested to know this too. I meet the requirements, but only after i re-sat 2 A levels, will this hinder my chances? Am i right in saying, they will only verify your grades when they want to extend an offer of employment to you? So if they really liked you, they would still employ you.


Wow doom, are you sure this wasn’t an automatic invite to the test? I spoke to them several times at different careers fair and they all stood on a common ground where they said you need to meet their career requirements, there’s no ifs and buts and so I didn’t bother applying. I’m lacking the A-Level points and they told me they wouldn’t consider my application. Perhaps you should call and find out.


I would say its probably not just an automatic acceptance to the online tests - simply because I didn’t get invited to do them and I applied with a 2.1, haha!

Fair play though, I know KPMG in exceptional circumstances accepts Desmonds, but I think that’s perhaps in the instance of people applying whilst still at Uni.

Good luck!


Yup, I agree with joyrevision, I wouldn’t think it was an automatic acceptance. I have a friend who applied with a 2:2 to a big4, and had lots of great reasons why he could do the job and be good at it, despite the 2:2 and he had worked throughout his uni study, so had some experience. He got to the next stage straight away like you and went all the way through the stage to recieve his offer. He’s now almost finished his ACA and the company love him!!

So keep positve and good luck. They obviously agree that you have plenty to offer.


oh wow! That’s totally awesome embee16 and joyrevision. Doom, your application must have been really impressive or you have lots of experience which they feel will be beneficial. That in itself is still an achievement! :slight_smile:

BTW, did you state any reasons as to why you didn’t get a 2:1 at university level eg. sickness or something?


Wasn’t very awesome for me… >_>


No experience, i have never worked in my life. Did not give a reason for my failings either because i did not have one :frowning:


sorry joyrevision :frowning: I hope you got something better and well deserved.

And well done doom! :slight_smile: Also, don’t call 2:2 a failing - you still got a degree and you got an invite; thats really good and you should be proud!

Best of luck with deloitte, let us know how it goes.


thanks chucky will keep everything posted in this thread


Heh, yeah I did Chucky don’t worry - was just humouring myself.


Good luck with this mate i got rejected by KPMG today because i apparantly did not meet there min academic requirements yet i have an MSc so fair play to you matey



Rasputin - It’s strange because lots of graduate schemes will allow for 2:2s, but they won’t alter their UCAS requirement at all.

Funny since the 3/4 years you spend at uni are probably slightly more relevant than some exams you did at college 4 years ago.


Especially since im 26, bloody 8 years since i did my UCAS marks andwhilst they are rubbish by todays standards back the they were quite ok


I feel for you Rasputin, its been ages since I did my A-Levels, four years. I have all the minimum requirements for degrees EXCEPT the UCAS points and I keep getting rejected. Ask for feedback: my UCAS points.


I meet the UCAS grades, presumabley thats why i passed under the radar so to speak.


Found out i passed the numerical test on friday. Have 72 hours to complete the on-line verbal reasoning test.


Wow your so lucky. Congrats and well done. I’m sure you’ll do well. :slight_smile: I’m sure you know that too. :slight_smile:


Still abit of a false dawn imo but i will see. How are your apps coming along chucky?


not that great. I started PWC but I don’t meet their UCAS points either so my form has to be extra good to be considered. I’ve not even done one question yet so I’m feeling abit down. I think I’m going to be jobless for a while and have to apply next year. I’m not even sure if it’s worth applying because their deadline is this Friday and everything is always first come first served (which is only fair enough) so I’m sure most of their jobs are now full.

Verbal reasoning is really good Doom. If I were in your position, I’d still consider it an achievement. Where else have you been applying too?