Applications to Asia?

Credit Suisse

Any wiki-er applying for positions in Asia? HK, Singapore, etc. What is your progress so far? Is it true that Asia recruitment starts later than EMEA or I am being ignored?

Start by myself:

Credit Suisse - just got an email that phone interview will be conducted soon
Barcap - had phone interview in September but no update since
Macquarie - friend helped put my CV through, had phone interview in Sept - no news
HSBC - had phone interview this week and was told I could proceed to next round which is an Accessment Center

But what about GS, UBS, MS, BoA, Nomura, BNP, etc???




I dont think they recruit later than EMEA. I have only applied to Asia for 1 position (bnp paribas), and they’ve been the only 1 to respond to me so far. All the rest of my apps are EMEA and for all my London apps. I’ve heard absolutely nothing yet.

cee, do you have any Asian language skills (fluently)?
I figure that as I am not fluent in an Asian language, I’ll be at a big disadvantage.

Also, do you study in the UK or in an Asian country?



Hi cee.

I sent you a PM yesterday.



Hi mcikenncj,

I study in the UK but I am from Asia originally. I speak 2 Asian languages and English fluently. As far as I know not all roles in Asia require local languages. E.g. it is not required for a trader as transactions are mostly done electronically. And Singapore probably has less requirement in this respect compare to HK.

Which position did you apply for BNP? What did they say? I have yet to have a response from them. Good luck!


Fixed Income for BNPP - rejected, but I know that this was mostly down to my numerical result, which I was not particularly happy with after completing it.
I know that local languages are not required for moat roles, but tbh I have more faith in getting accepted in the uk as opposed to asia, due to the fact that in asia they would probably PREFER someone with asian languages and who doesnt need a work permit.
I have studied in Asia before and have basic Mandain, but I dont know how much advantage that’ll give me.

cee…you should be fine though! Out of interest, are you applying for internships or grad roles?