Application typos and securing an interview


Hi all,
I have submitted an application for a job i really want only to discover to my horror a typo in one of the questions i answered. The word is not misspelt but rather the wrong word for that sentence, so it doesn’t really make sense. I guess when you read and reread your own work over and over you start to recite rather then actually read whats written.

I wanted to ask if anybody has been called for interview having discovered a typo in their application? and if so did the company notice it? If not, did they invite you for an interview on the merit of your answers.

I feel that i’ve answered the questions really well, and hope i do get invited for an interview, do you think this is likely? Should i call/email the company?


discovered a typo in my cover letter after it had been sent, am now at final interview stage though so guess they didnt notice!!


do not worry too much about that. if your credentials are fine then they will just ignore it. in addition you can call them up and ask them if anything could be done. I did so! nothing has changed in terms of their view on my applicatoin.


I personally wouldn’t call the company if I was in your position, on the basis that it just draws attention to your mistake. First, there’s a chance they might not spot it anyway, and secondly by calling about it you’d automatically be leading them to focus on something negative. Just accept you’ve made the mistake and see where it goes from there.