Application to Deloitte Graduate Recruitmet 2010



I am currently in the process of completing an application to Deloitte for graduate recruitment 2010. I am applying to AUDIT.
I am stuck on this question for like weeks now and still not able to come up with anything good. Please give me an answer to this question. I would really appreciate. :slight_smile:

Please explain your understanding of the core activities undertaken by your chosen service line and the value they add to their clients.



it’s pretty straightforward. just mention the different things that the audit department does.


it is the simplest question to answer, i guess. be honest to yourself, do not waste your time filling in a long application form if you do not understand what AUDIT is, if you apply for roles about which you have some understanding, you will improve your chances of landing an interview. Everything is available on Delloitte web site.

One thing might put you off, you might not have figured out what value could AUDIT teams add to their clients. Then, just search this site.

Good luck mate!