Application status and outcomes

BNP Paribas
Credit Suisse


Hi all,

I think it would be helpful if we use this thread to list our applications and stages we’ve gotten in so far. I’m interested in knowing how long does each stage take for those major investment banks. Any additional info/comments are welcome!

My list (ongoing):

Lehman - Under review (27th Aug)
Credit Suisse - Under review, finished numerical and verbal (9th Sept)
Macquarie - Under review (9th Sept)
HBOS - Under review (submitted on 11th Sept)
JP Morgan - Under review (submitted on 12th Sept)
Bank of America - Under review (submitted on 13th Sept)
BarCap - Invited to numerical test (15th Sept)
BNP Paribas - Failed


can probably forget about lehman lol


It’s really interesting that Lehman have told you things are “under review”. Have you actually interviewed at these companies, just completed their online [aptitude tests]] or just applied to them?


what divisions did u apply for??


Please excuse my comment in poor taste, but the news would have you believe that the entire banking sector is ‘Under Review’.