Application question - help please!



I came across this question and I’m unsure what its asking (maybe I’m overcomplicating things) but anyhow, can someone help? Thanks!

** Are you authorized to work for only your current employer in the country in which you are applying? **

I previously answered the question asking if I was elligible to work in the UK etc. etc. which I answered YES because I am a British citizen and I don’t require a work permit. But what is the above question asking? :s

tasha x


Coz working permit holders can only work for the current employer who sponsored them, they can not change jobs unless the next employer apply for a new one for them. That’s why they asked it…

So I assumed that in your case you can tick other choices should there be any?


Oh i see. Thanks for clearing that up. There were only two options, yes and no so I just chose no.