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Dear team,
I’ve recently applied for a corporate intelligence analyst position, and was contacted to conduct a case study test. After 2 weeks, I was contacted by the team inquiring about my start date, right to work status, etc as a result of my case study assessment. However it has been a while since I have heard back and I am wondering what is the typical application process for a position similar to this? There’s tons of information about the graduate program scheme but not much about risk consulting. Am I to assume there will be an interview? I’ve also seen on the website that ‘the position has been filled’, yet I have not heard back from the team.

Appreciate any insight into this process.



Sorry for the lack of communication at our end on this one. Who were you in contact with about the position? Do you know which division of the company this position sits within (I’m assuming Advisory based on your message)? Apologies for the questions, but as I only deal with graduate recruitment I need to check who I need to speak to. Also, they will ask for your name / details, so if you could pass those on too that would be helpful.

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Dear Sam,
I’ve sent you a message with all the details and answers to your questions.
Thank you very much for your help.

Kind Regards,



Hi Samuel,

I am an Experienced professional and currently working in KPMG in UAE, I want to know how I can apply for KPMG UK, as I have applied multiple times and my application is according to job description and i have relevent experience too but i am unable to understand that why my Resume has been rejected again and again.

hope you can answer


Ok. If you send me your CV I can have a chat to our relevant Experienced Hire teams. Is there a particular area of the UK business you’re interested in joining? This will help me speak to the right person for you.

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If you private message me your details I can come back to you on this.




I could not find how to send you private msg please tell me or i can provide you my email id.


hey samuel,

Please let me know how to send you my Resume?


Sending me a message (the message icon should be at the top right of your Wikijob page). Click on the envelope and it will take you to the private message section.




Dear Samuel,
Private message option s not there anymore i guess, because i am not able to do that…would it be okie if i can provide u my personal email so that we can communicate?