Application form queries


Hi all, just wondering how others would interpret these sections in application forms for graduate jobs

  1. For CSC there is a dropdown menu labelled ‘percentage’ directly after a dropdown menu asking for degree classification. The menu has two options (less than 50%, more than 50%) and would not concern me for the fact they already have your degree class so it seems a pointless question - that is unless its asking for percentage between degree classes? (e.g. 63% total is 'less than 50%?)

  2. Also concerning the degree section, a few forms now have asked me ‘list your core subjects’ and their grades. Does this only apply to multi-honours degrees (e.g. PPE / Economics with French etc) or is it asking for module choices?

Thanks all


One more question: what references are people using for their CVs when applying to these jobs? I have 3 references to choose from (Personal / Academic / Previous work) and am unsure which are most suitable.

Thanks again


Can anyone help please?




I have applied to CSC, the 50% question refers to whether or not your degree classification requires more than 50%, it’s an illogical question since a 2:1 or a 1st reqires more than 50%, at least in the UK. For the module question, just list all the modules you have studied or will study, also include the grades and if they’re obtained or expected. If 2 references are required, use an academic referee and a previous employer but make sure they both have good things to say about you :P. They usually contact your referees after you have been given an offer but some firms may do it earlier.