Application form: cannot clearly define each one :( my awnser merges into one


hey all be gentle noob here :slight_smile:

basically have a job at the moment work in retail in a cycle shop.but i am a keen apt snowboarder and i am applying to do like a winter season with a travel company.they ask 2 questions

  1. Please outline anyother relevant experience/work experience?
    2)Please tell us in a brief summary why you would be suitable to work as a representative of “company”?

ive got a few things pencield already but finding it difficult to make each one different.
i find when i awsner the first one it sort of mergers into the second one i dont no how to make them definitvley different and not repeat my self any one got any tips help?

any help really really use full.



Welcome Young Newbie lol

Put down a couple of relevant work experiences, you don’t need to blab here, its more about letting them know what you’ve actually done and how it meets what they are looking for.

What distinguishes this company from others, most probably nothing but im sure they must be trying to push one particular element, i.e., are they really efficient/ do they have some exclusive deals? Say you like how they did that and how it reflects your personal ambition etc.

The key part here is to research the company to understand why its different and why youd want to work there.

My opinion anyways