Application form asking expected salary??


Hi Guys, I really need help on this one. What should I put in when the employer is asking for salary expectations in the application form. I am a recent graduate in IT and by doing the research I know I am worth around £24 - £26k.

But would this be more of an appropriate answer to put in the text box - “We can talk about salary once I have had a chance to review more details about the job, and the benefit package available from your company. It does not make sense for me to talk about salary before knowing if I am a fit for the position. I am sure you are willing to offer a fair wage for the position, but right now, you are more qualified to tell me what the job is worth to the company than I am.”

If not then shall I just say “Given the fact that I have already had experience in the same role in a major blue chip company and a recent graduate, I expect my salary to be competitive.” or “I expect salary to be around £24000 - £26000”.

Would be grateful if someone could help me out.


I know what you mean - it’s difficult to talk wages before you’ve even had an interview. But I would think it’s part of the test to see the type of person you are and personally, I would want to be seen as competitive rather than aggressive. For me, I’d go with your second suggestion about your salary being competitive. This shows that you value yourself and experience without being over the top!


You have experience. Maybe you should increase that upper limit of yours?
I know that for instance metaswitch which recruits brilliant IT graduates have a starting salary of 30000 pounds.
And I’d go for your second answer coz the first one is too direct?