Application 2011 Training Contract-Need of Results from penultimate year of undergraduate study

Slaughter And May

Hello everyone,

my name is Andrea, I am law student, enrolled in the 4th year of a 5 year degree in law at Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome.

I am looking forward to applying for a Training Contract in a MC/SC law firm.

I wonder if I need to know the results from my penultimate year at the time of the application.
Apparently,only Freshfields, Slaughter and May and Lovells explicitly mention that you need them. On the contrary, the other firms either consider that implied or don’t need the results at all.

In my case, that would be an important issue. In fact, the last exam of my 4th year is set to be on the 16th of July.As the training contracts are given on a rolling base, that would compromise my chances of securing a training contract.

Many thanks,



Hi andrea,

I don’t know explicitly for your case, but usually the norm is to include your predicted grades. On the application / cover letter, just make it clear that these are predictions.

This provides the employer with a good indication of your suitability, and contracts / internships are usually offered on the condition that you achieve a particular grade or score.

Obviously, this may not be the case for you but it is in 95% of other cases.

Ultimately, it seems like the sensible choice if the only alternative is not to include anything or wait until the middle of July.

Hope that helps!