Applicants to research (all banks)


Well, I’m getting sick of browsing through all these topics looking for info on research, so decided to throw it all into one thread!

So, personally, I’ve applied to:

BoAML - rejected a couple of weeks after passing the tests
GS - silence
BarCap - tests submitted three weeks ago, under consideration.
HSBC - got an email saying I passed the numerical yesterday, waiting for news.
RBS - test submitted, never heard back again.

And I must have forgotten someone… Which doesn’t make any difference to be honest.

Share your story!



Research was my only choice for all summer internships last year and never got a call despite a decent resume with experience in research and working abroad…

it was incredible, i got really frustrated as i missed doing a decent internship in other good business areas just because i wasted my chances on applications for research…

that’s my story…I wish you good luck!


Like I said in a previous post, Research is almost impossible to get into. If you really want to do research, then you could also look at some of the new research boutiques… some of them are really good and have some of the best people in the industry.


@hazelground, really sorry to hear that! I managed to get a research job in a boutique firm last year, but was made redundant several months later :frowning:


Do you have anyone in mind?


@clevergirl25, i can share some insights into research in hsbc since i interned there this summer. Places have all been filled by interns (not me lol) n placesments as far as i noe.


@ Heart_B_K

ouch, that’s too bad!
i know from a friend at HSBC they’re recruiting quite a lot this year because they haven’t recruited the year before, but he’s in IBD, not research…

anyway, did you like your internship? and what are you planning to do now, research elsewhere?..


i found the internship really useful tbh. was in the quant research desk. extremely challenging and probably beyond my level at the moment.

i have applied to research in a few banks and like you, no responses from them so far. i do currently have an offer for another position from an ib.


@ Heart_B_K

quant research, you must be very clever! Personally, I’m more interested in macro, country strategy, risk, etc…

what is the other position you have an offer for? what division?


Great thread. very ideal.

Applied to Barcap (done tests, still waiting. HR said that we could be in for a one month wait)
Applied to the major Fund managers (for ER roles)…fidelity, blackrock. etc. still waiting.

GS, MS, nomura (nothing)

Redburn, PW etc (nothing)

HSBC lost my application. incredible.



was looking to do fundamental research but hsbc thought i would be a better fit in quant (prob bcos i did maths during undergrad).

i agree marco is definitely more interesting, hence i applied to market risk management as well to diversify my apps. luckily i was able to get an offer just recently as a market risk analyst.

hope u will get some interview invites soon!


This is a really good idea for a thread. I’ve applied for a few places for investment research but I haven’t heard back from most of them. Got rejected at HSBC and Goldmans (after a first round interview). Am still waiting to hear from BoAML, CS and BarCap. I’ve also taken online tests for RBS about a month ago but haven’t heard back about interviews since then.

Seems like the graduate intake for research is (s)low this year.


I think you did great! I only apply research for RBS and went through to final round(but defer as the AC slots had been filled).They said there would be another AC for this role in Jan.
Hope we can meet there!
Best luck!


@harryleo, well done on getting through to the final round at RBS. Did you have to go through a telephone interview before getting the invite to the AC.


no,for research role
you will get invitation for the super center which consist of two tests and one interview.If you get through ,you will hear back in two days.

As they told me,there will invite the candidate to supercenter in coming days and then have the final round at Jan…HR said 90% sure(i think it depends on the reslut of first AC) there will have the other final round in Jan…sound a little unrealistic…hope they didn’t lie.If that’s ture, i think you will hear from them soon


Hi all,

This is my experience at Goldman Sachs for a graduate scheme at their Global Investment Research (Equity).

I imagine it can be pretty different depending on the student’s background.

First round: 30 min, two interviewers. Competency based plus motivation question (why research in finance? give me an example of an achievement/a situation where you were out of your control zone + an example of something you had to do under time pressue + an example of a time when you had to influence others). Quite “classic”. Time for me to ask questions. Got emailed back the next day to book in the second round.

Second round: 45 min for the tests and 5 interviews face to face 30 minutes each, no break. 7 to be interviewed candidates had no break to break of 30 min to 2h btw interviews.
Tests: Verbal and Numerical NO calculator.
Interview Questions:
How has the market evolve the last year. What’s the difference between company X and Y. Value company X. One Fermi type question.
Why interested in equity. What would you do if i gave you 10m$. If company X trades at 9 times their earnings and company Y at 12 times which one is the most interesting. What is the value of the car insurance market in UK. Why should i hire you. Question on courses i attended. What’s entrepreneurship? Why finance. If you’re interested in economy and finance why don’t you just read the ft? I give you £1000 to invest for a year where do you invest them? You’re given company X’s annual report, estimate their revenue and profit for next year. What’s your greatest achievement. What did you do at company X. Which sector would you be interested in. What are your strength and weakness for the job. What would you need to develop. Which skills would you need to develop at GS. Do you have any sale skills. How do you feel like working in a team? What if you don’t like the job after 3 years? Why GS more than UBS? Why GS has such a bad press?

Got called back a week after to tell me I did not get the job and give me feedback. I kind of expected it was negative as I trusted that if it was positive they would have called me the next day like after the first round but maybe I am wrong.

Hope that can maybe help.


Vorzan, thanks…

and thanks God I didn’t have to go through this!


hej vorzan,
can u tell us the college u graduated? what is ur degree on?and i ll be glad if u tell us whether u r a citizen of EU or not. do u think people from emerging countries also have opportunity to be hired? or it is possible but almost impossible?


Has anyone here attended the interview day for BarCap Research on the 19th of April?


Anyone had a reply from Research divisions this season?


radualex, I have received no response at all. I have applied to a few banks including UBS, Barcap, GS in September - early October. What’s your situation?