Apple Telehone Interview - Anyone had one?


I have a telephone interview with Apple for a procurement intern position coming up. Has anyone had any experiences with Apple? Any help would really be appreciated!! What kind of questions are they likely to ask? and does anyone know anything about their selection process?


The interview is pretty random. Totally depends on the interviewer… not a HR interview, rather an interview directly with the business manager, or person who is gonna be your boss… questions about your CV and Apple. why apple? strategy of apple? etc…etc… can you PM me the name of your interviewer?


There are two round of interviews… First round… then, Second round.


I had an interview recently about apple concerning the retail position, a lot of questions about apple and its products, got invited to s second round interview so lets see what happens…


I had a telephone interview with Apple for the Store Leader Retail position and I have been invited to the Glasgow assesment day have you? I don’t really know what to expect any help? :s


I have alot of insider knowledge. What intern position haveyou applied for?


Hi Nina,

Mine isn’t an intern position its a graduate job called Apple Store Leader, I have already gone through two rounds of recruitment process and the next is an assesment day in Glasgow but then I don’t know what happens after? Any ideas?


I have a telephone interview with Apple for the Store Leader Programme. Could anyone please let me know what should I expect? Is it competency based? How much should I know about the company? Thank you.


i was wondering how long do apple usually take to get back to you about an intern position? i have heard they don’t get back to you if unsuccessful, but im hoping that is not the case


do you know when the internship will start? hope it’s not for next year cuz I kinda need a job right now


what have u applied for? have you had any updates on your application? I’m also hoping soon, but apple haven’t emailed me or anything, and apparently they won’t contact you if unsuccessful


i applied for iphone/ipod intern. you? i just thought maybe if i knew that start date, i’d figure out when they’d be contacting me or i’d fail soooo


Hey does anyone know how to apply for the apple store leader programme for 2012? i’ve been on the website
but when I click on the apply button it sends me round in circles!


Hi, I have a telephone interview for the store leader programme. Can you tell me what questions you were asked? Thanks in advance.


Hi everyone, I have a telephone interview coming up for the Store leader program wondering if anyone can provide info on what to expect.



I have a procurement intern interview this week with apple. If anyone can let me know what type of questions are likely to come up it would be seriously appreciated!