AonHewitt Grad Scheme



I was wondering if anyone on the board has had any recent experience of this grad scheme (investment or pensions practice) that they wouldn’t mind sharing? I can’t seem to find much on the forums, and would really appreciate any contribution. Thanks in advance!


Hey Native,

I’ve been to the assessment centre for the investment practice.

It consisted of the following:

  1. a 3 minute pitch you have to deliver in front of a panel of 3. Usually one lady from HR and two senior consultants.

  2. a panel (3) interview

  3. a numerical test, not your standrad shl, more related to pensions

  4. a written exercise. you need to read some information and write a proposal offering a solution in 1 hour and 30 minutes

  5. a debate. you will be given the topic to prepare before the day but you won’t know which side you’ll be on until you are there.


The grad scheme itself or the recruitment process?

plenty about the recruitment process here:

and here:

Anyone with any other experiences with Hewitt please post!

I have an assessment centre for the pensions practice coming up, I’ll write it up afterwards.


Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies. I was wondering how long it took Hewitt to get in touch after completing the online numerical test?. I completed it three days ago, and found it surprisingly easier than others I’ve done in the past, but I’m yet to hear from them. Do you recommend waiting a little bit longer or should I try and get in touch with them?

Btw, how did you both find the assessment centre? Did you make it through?


Hello, just to let you know that I got my reply after completing the numerical test the next day, then it was the SJT (situational judgment), which I completed on that day, and the following day they sent me a set of competency questions to answer.

Maybe you should get in touch with them, they were quite fast with my tests results. :slight_smile:


Hi fireablazed,

Did you complete the competencey questions? How long did it take them to get back to you after you sent the answers?


Hey fireablazed,

I returned my competency based questions about 10 days ago, still havent heard as much as a confirmation of receipt???

I basically returned them the day after I got them through…how long did it take you to hear back?


Hi Ananova 101, yes I completed the competency questions. I did that early Dec, didn’t receive any receipt of acknowledgement or anything, but they just called me today to invite me to their assessment day. Not sure about the details yet though, I missed their call :frowning:

Hi Ben26, don’t worry, I didn’t receive any confirmation from them as well. I waited for…2 months for their reply?? But I’m not too sure, because I’m an international student, so if you’re an EU citizen it would probably be much faster?


Hi fireablazed, thanks so much, the fact that they took almost two months to get back to you has eased my mind considerably. Good luck on the assessment day!



I’m looking to apply for the Aon investment consulting graduate scheme in September; could anyone who went through the application process for a 2012 start in any of Aon’s graduate streams tell me what it entailed?

Any help would be much appreciated.