Aon Summer Internship 2015




Regarding the summer internship opportunities Aon has provided for 2015 - more specifically the health and benefits consulting, has anyone received any further information after the judgement test? Such as the outcome or a pass to the next stage?




I did the STJ on 14th May and it’s been exactly a week and I still haven’t heard anything. When did you do your STJ?


Cheers for replying,
I did the SJT about a month ago now! But the deadline for the internship didn’t close till not so long ago, so I assume they would be going through the applications now.


Hi did you ever hear back from Aon?


Hello everyone,

What are you supposed to say for “Please provide details of your programming experience”.? it is part of the application questions and I am not an IT person, do they really want you to know some programming languages or what is it you need to put down here?

Thanks for the help!