AON Interview


Hi there,

I have a face to face interview with AON about an internship in Insurance, Reinsurance and Risk Management and I was wondering if anyone had any possible questions or pointers for me who has has this or a similar experience.
Also will I be expected to go to an assessment centre? It says on the website that the second last stage is a one-to-one interview before an offer so I would guess not. It’s just that it’s 2 weeks before my exams are due to start so would think it would be a bad idea to set up one now!
I’m asking because it’s my first ever interview, got rejected from everywhere else for internships (PwC, Deloitte, …etc) so pretty nervous and depending on it!

Thanks for any help at all!




I have an interview on Tuesday for a graduate scheme, how did you interview go? im in a similar position to where i found it difficult to secure a placement due to my poor performance in interview. I only just got informed about the interview on Friday.

How was your interview? was it more of a chat or an interrogation.

Hope your well.


Dear Acco,

I have applied for AON global risk graduate program. i have done my SJT and waiting for response. when i mailed them they said, i will be informed if i gone through to next (interview stage). could you pls tell me how long will it normally take? I am eagerly expecting your response… thanks



Has anyone had a interview for the General Insurance graduate programme? Could you share your experience with us please?


Is that the Insurance, Reinsurance and Risk management scheme?


Hi, no it’s for Actuarial Consulting. Have you had an interview with Aon?


Nope, waiting for a response after completing the tests. Just thought you may have heard back as its been a while


Just thought it is a good idea to share my experience of Aon’s AC as I found it the most intense one I have ever attended. Hopefully, this would be of some help to you guys. I applied for Investment Consulting Graduate position in London. Interestingly enough, there was only online tests (numerical, verbal and situational judgement test) without a telephone interview. In mid-November I was invited to an AC in the beginning of December.

AC structure:

  1. Group exercise- more of a debate between 4 people on a certain topic. Each participant has one extra piece of information that nobody has and each one had to argue a point and try to convince the rest of us.
  2. Written exercise- there was half an hour to familiarise with it and then there was a role play with an assessor from whom one needs to extract the necessary information to complete the written task.
  3. Presentation: two people present topics that were prepared beforehand. 3 assessors take notes and ask questions. Candidates also need to ask at least one question.
  4. Lunch with all the assessors- good opportunity to mingle and make good impression. They say it is not assessed, but it is a crucial time when social skills and keen interest can be demonstrated and leave a good impression.
  5. Finishing the written exercise and doing some numerical problems. Everyone found them very hard. We had to estimate the return of the money put into various funds. But there is information about change in value of the fund and amount of money divested or invested into the fund. Too complex in my opinion for graduate applicants.
  6. Interview- 45 mins answering random questions from a list of 100-odd questions given to every assessor. There is no particular structure, questions are left to assessor’s discretion. I was asked about everything from why Aon? who the competitors are and what distinguishes Aon to how many bricks are the in london?
  7. Group discussion: there are a number of compalints received by a client and within a group of 4 we had to come up with solutions.
  8. Role play- after coming up solutions, we split into groups of two and had a meeting with the “client” to resolve the problem and handle the complaints personally.

It all sounds very daunting but there were breaks in between and people were nice, so overall it was a good experience. And yet one of the more challenging AC I have attended.



Has anyone else been invited to the AC on 17th Dec in London?



Thanks graduate12 much appreciated, have one on the 20th Feb, so will report back afterwards